Floors and floor coverings come in all shapes and sizes and are installed throughout every stage of building and

 construction projects.

We install a range of protection for soft and hard floors such as:- 

Carpet & Rugs.
Raised Floors.
Screed Floors.
Stone & Ceramic Floors.
Vinyl Floors.
Wood & Timber Floors.

Stone, marble & ceramic,

These are expensive to fit, and if not adequately protected during a construction or renovation project can be easily damaged causing rips, scratches and deep marks by:-

Tools being accidentally dropped.
Paint and other solvents being spilt.
High football.

Heavy equipment movements.

The repair bill for these floors and floor coverings, when you included lost time, materials and labour can run into thousands of pounds.


Our range of soft and hard floor protection offers the increased

levels of shielding required to avoid the extra costs of cleaning, repairs or replacements.